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Manifestation 101

Everything you need to know about creating a life you love

When The Secret came out, the world assumed they could sit back and wait for a million dollars to appear. Sadly, the seemingly powerful message of Law of Attraction was tainted by notion that we didn't have to DO anything.

Universal Laws are powerful tools for manifesting reality. We are actually built with an incredible capacity to create a life that truly fulfills us, though somehow we have forgotten our power. When we remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our bodies are in fact a magnetic device vibrating a frequency in tune with our beliefs, we see that its a beingness that activates the law not just some random intention with no faith or action to back it up.

This introductory course is a great way to either learn the basics of manifestation or brush up on your current skills.

Your Instructor

Alida McDaniel
Alida McDaniel

Alida is a supercharged unicorn with intuitive powers who spends her days traveling down the rabbit hole. With a focus on calibrating goals with divine action, she's been dubbed the Manifesting Maven by the Food Heals Podcast. Her clients are coaches and female entrepreneurs who are inspired to change the world through soul-centered business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course last?
While each course is self-paced, we recommend you move through the course within a matter of 7 days. This helps to build momentum and keep the brain flowing with the new material. There is no official start and end date.
How can I make the most of this course?
You will always get out of a course what you put into it. Instead of just listening to a course in the background, give yourself permission to turn off your phone and schedule this time for yourself as uninterrupted, sacred time. Keep a journal of all your notes, new awarenesses and ah-ha moments. This will help you track your progress along the way. And if you need more support, contact us at [email protected] to set up a life strategy session with Alida.

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